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  • Computational deconstruction of sounds for music composition and performance
    CNMAT Colloquium, University of California, Berkeley, October 20th, 2023.
  • ¿Qué hay de nuevo en la síntesis sonora por ordenador?
    Escuela de Música Creativa, Madrid, Spain, May 28th, 2019.
  • Recent developments on Factorsynth (machine learning for sound deconstruction)
    IRCAM Forum Workshops, Paris, France, March 28th, 2019.
  • La deconstrucción del sonido con Factorsynth
    Encuentros AVLAB, Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain, October 21st, 2017.
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  • Factorsynth: a tool for analysis/resynthesis based on matrix factorization
    IRCAM, Paris, France, October 19th, 2016.
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  • Support Vector Machines and Kernels: A Tutorial
    Audionamix, Paris, France, February 17th, 2012.
  • Sound unmixing: principles, challenges and opportunities
    AIST, Tsukuba, Japan, April 3rd 2012.
    Yamaha Research, Hamamatsu, Japan, April 2nd 2012.
    Google Research, New York, USA, October 20th 2011.
  • Audio source separation: status and challenges for audio content processing
    BBC Research, London, UK, December 19th 2011.
  • Musical Source Separation: Principles and State of the Art
    IRCAM, Paris, France, June 21st 2008.
  • Supervised Musical Source Separation from Mono and Stereo Mixtures based on Sinusoidal Modeling
    TELECOM ParisTech, Paris, France, June 17th 2008.
    IRCAM, Paris, France, June 30th 2008.
    Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, July 22nd 2008.
  • Modeling the Spectral Envelope of Musical Instruments
    IRCAM, Paris, France, April 12th 2006.

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