I am an independent researcher, software developer and musician based in Paris. With a background in machine learning and signal processing, my research aims at developing innovative tools for music and sound creation, analysis and search.

After earning a PhD from the Technical University of Berlin, I worked as a researcher at IRCAM and Audionamix, on topics such as source separation, automatic music analysis, sound classification, content-based search and sound synthesis. My current main activity concerns the exploration of machine learning techniques for new methods of sound analysis/synthesis aimed at musical creation.

In 2023 I was a Visiting Scholar at the Center for New Music And Audio Technologies (CNMAT) at the University of California, Berkeley.

I'm the creator of Factorsynth and Factoid, two software tools to deconstruct and resynthesize sounds based on machine learning. Since 2023, I'm distributing these tools through my software studio Anemond.

I also work as a research and development consultant for companies, institutions and composers, helping them to design and evaluate new methods for sound or music processing. I've worked with artists such as Holly Herndon, Mat Dryhurst, Ralph Killhertz, Marco Stroppa, Paul Purgas and Carmine Cella, research institutions such as CNRS and FEMTO-ST, and companies such as Mogees, Cizoo, MezzoForte and Alta Voce.

On the musical side, I am a classically-trained pianist, later self-taught in improvisation. I play with two bands: Edelweiss Quartet, a classical/jazz combo, and The Overlap, an electronic/rock trio.

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Professional experience

2023 Visiting Scholar, CNMAT, University of California, Berkeley
2023- Founder of music software studio Anemond, Paris.
2014- Independent researcher and developer, Paris.
2010-2013 Lead researcher, Audionamix, Paris
2007-2010 Researcher, Analysis/Synthesis Group, IRCAM, Paris
2004-2007 Researcher, Communication Systems Group, TU Berlin
2002-2003 Student research assistant, zplane.development, Berlin

Technical education

2004-2008 PhD in Electrical Engineering, TU Berlin
1997-2004 Telecommunications Engineer (M.Sc.), ETSIT, Polytechnic University of Madrid

Musical education

1999-2001 Studies in Counterpoint and Fugue, Madrid Conservatory of Music
1989-2000 Music Theory Degree, Madrid Conservatory of Music
1989-1997 Piano Degree, Madrid Conservatory of Music