Factorsynth is a new kind of musical tool. It uses machine learning techniques to decompose any input sound into a set of temporal and spectral elements. By rearranging and modifying these elements you can do powerful transformations to your clips, such as removing notes or motifs, creating new ones, randomizing melodies or timbres, changing rhythmic patterns, remixing loops in real time, creating complex sound textures...

A whole new range of possibilities for studio or stage.

Coming up in spring 2018

Factorsynth will soon be available for purchase as a Max For Live device, compatible with Ableton Live 9 and 10 on Mac machines.

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The Factorsynth Project

I started the Factorsynth project in 2013, first doing research on creative applications of a data analysis method called matrix factorization (hence the name). I have since then released several prototype versions for command line and plain Max. These old versions were not real-time capable but have been used by several composers of electronic and electroacoustic music for detailed sound editing and spatialization. Here are some recent works that have used previous versions of Factorsynth:

You can find these experimental versions here.